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This is the state of Certain areas in NYC after Hurricane Sandy, it looks like a scene out of an apocalyptic movie.

One of the places that got hit the hardest was the Rockaways/ Breezy Point, Queens. I Grew up in the Rockways, I go to school there, Most of My family and friends live there as well. It’s so awful to see. I was shaking when I saw the state of my childhood neighborhood, many of my friends no longer have homes due to these fires and others have water damage due to the flooding. We can’t even get to my grandmother’s apartment due to the debris and flooding. I live further in Queens and we faced little compared to this. It’s scary to see the the boardwalk I rode my bike on , the playgrounds I played on, and the blocks I walked on are all now in ruins.

My heart goes out to not only the people in NYC but all along the east coast I hope everyone stays safe.

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    I live in Brooklyn and was not affected by the hurricane, but my heart, thoughts and prayers go out to all of my family...
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